The WCMC Research Metabolomics laboratories offer metabolomic collaborations on a project-basis in specific areas of metabolism, namely  lipid mediators, eicosanoids, steroids, complex lipids and primary metabolism, in addition to untargeted metabolomics. These laboratories  are highly interested in collaborations leading to successful cooperative NIH grant submissions. The laboratories advance the current state of the art in their respective fields of metabolomic analysis and are focusing on interpreting metabolomics data.

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Lipid Mediators Untargeted and Computational Metabolomics
Director: John Newman, PhD Director: Oliver Fiehn, PhD

USDA ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center   

UC Davis, 1313 Genome Center

newman2 oliverFiehn
Dietary Fatty Acids / Neurophysiology Soluble epoxide hydrolases and COX pathways
Director: Ameer Taha, PhD Director: Bruce Hammock, PhD
UC Davis, 3162 Robert Mondavi Institute - North UC Davis, Kleiber Hall
Ameer Taha hammock2