Central Service Core

Study Designs

The hub for services in data acquisition conducted in the West Coast Metabolomics Center is the Central Service Core.

Project manager Scott Mackell (metabolomics@ucdavis.edu) handles all service requests, receives and logs samples, responds to client questions and reports the final data. Laboratory staff prepare samples, acquire data for targeted and untargeted metabolomics, process data, and provide statistical analyses.

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The Core also offers comprehensive advice on study designs and sample handling and will develop quantitative target analyses as requested. The Central Service Core exclusively works as fee-for-service unit. For help with study design and cost estimates, please contact us. We will be happy to consult with you if your metabolites of interest are already covered by our assays; otherwise, we will be happy to engage in project specific method development and implementation.

Data reports

The core service laboratory completes more than 400 different studies per year by fee-for-service analyses for hundreds of small and large projects, including many animal and human studies. Per year, close to 30,000 samples are analyzed, processed and reported, yielding a wide range of biology-driven publications.

For each metabolomic platform, including for untargeted assays, the Center uses a diverse set of internal standards to quantify metabolites, in addition to quality control pools and blank samples.  We use MassBank of North America with more than 650,000 spectra of known compounds to identify metabolites in untargeted metabolomics. When results from three platforms are combined, usually 700-1,100 compounds are identified.  

Lastly, we also provide services in univariate and multivariate statistical analysis of data sets, pathway analysis and mapping, partial correlation and network analysis. We collaborate in turning your metabolomic data into biologically significant discoveries!