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A bootcamp on "Testing and validating open-access software in metabolomics" is open for registration for Tuesday/Wednesday, April 30-May 01, 2019. The is an official workshop of the Metabolomics Association of North America (MANA). Registration costs are $50 per person, including the 2019 MANA membership. Please register here. After your registration we will send you a payment link. 

MANA bootcamp 111 09 2018

The WCMC and JBEI organize this 2-day meeting to join forces and perform a parameter sweep on untargeted metabolomics datasets on at least 3 different software programs: MS-DIAL, MZ-MINE and XCMS. Participants are most welcome to use and compare other software such as the Galaxy Workflow4Metabolomics or other programs if they are experts in these programs and can help others using them.

 Attention:  this is not a training course!

Participants are expected to be firm in at least one type of open-access untargeted metabolomics data processing software.

 Registration: click here

Participants are expected to download data and test data processing with at least one software prior to the meeting. Participants are required to bring own laptops. PC laptops are preferred over Macs because some software (e.g. MS-DIAL) only runs in PC environments. A limited number of PC laptops can be borrowed from the WCMC if announced to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 2 weeks prior to the bootcamp.

The idea is to discern which software is most prone to fail or to perform poorly depending on parameter settings, and how different software versions could yield comparable results with respect to sensitivity and specificity. Accurate mass HILIC-MS/MS and Lipidomics CSH-MS/MS raw data will be published two months prior to the meeting, along with nominal mass GC-MS data.

Targeted LC-MS/MS obtained by a QTRAP6500+ instrument on the same samples will be available in case participants want to test open access software for targeted (MRM) data.


Past workshops, symposia and conferences

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The West Coast Metabolomics Center organized the 11th international conference of the Metabolomics Society, June 2015. Over 1,000 participants discussed improvements in technologies and applications in biochemistry in medicine, plant and microbiology in 21 oral sessions, 3 poster sessions, 5 keynotes and 12 workshops ! See here for the complete abstract book.

Advancements in Metabolomics Software and Technology, May 04, 2016

Cancer Metabolism, May 23, 2013

Hands-on workshop and metabolic pathways symposium, May 28-29, 2013

Using mouse models to understand obesity and diabetes, November 06, 2013


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