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Remaining Bites & Bites for 2023 

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Bits & Bites # 08: Tips & Tricks of GC-MS in Metabolomics
Date: November 16, 2023
Instructor:  Dr. Oliver Fiehn, UC Davis
Required software: MS-DIAL for Windows. Versions of the tool to be used will be announced closer to the course date.
Participant prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computer skills. No coding experience is needed.
Short description of the course: While LC-MS is all the hype in today's portfolio of metabolomics assays, ranges of small molecules are difficult to impossible to screen in this manner. Volatile compounds in breath, urine, or plant analyses can best be analyzed by GC-MS. Additionally, swaths of primary metabolic intermediates ranging from glycolysis and pentose phosphates to TCA compounds, sugars, and small microbial metabolites are readily and cost-efficiently analyzed by GC-MS. In this short course, we discuss the fundamentals of GC-MS, tips for best practices, and aspects of instrumentation, and demonstrate data processing and use of databases. Participants will also learn the current challenges, trends, and developments of GC-MS-based metabolomics.

Bits & Bites #09: Metabolomics for Epidemiologists *New course*
Date: December 7, 2023
Instructor: Dr. Oliver Fiehn, UC Davis
Required software: None
Participant prerequisites: None
Short description of the course: Epidemiologists increasingly use metabolomic data in large human cohort studies that focus on public health problems and risk factor analyses. Classically, only a few variables were used in epidemiological analyses which were then stratified by multiple adjustments to find robust associations with phenotypes. Now, GWAS analyses have led the way for metabolite-wide association studies. How robust are metabolite data? What are the best normalization strategies? How should we deal with missing data, QC pools, and blanks? How can different studies be combined to increase power? Which identifiers could be used, and what is good coverage for metabolomic studies? These questions will be discussed in this short course to provide an overview of metabolomics including realistic goals and considerations for study designs, and metabolite coverage from commercial providers versus core facilities.

Bites & Bites 2024
Join us for Bits & Bites 2024 — a flexible learning experience tailored for busy researchers seeking condensed yet impactful sessions. Now in its fourth year, this series continues to bridge the gap for those unable to commit to 1 or 2- week intensive courses. We are offering some of the most popular Bites in our short course series 'Bits & Bites' plus newly added topics.

This 10-part short course series will feature in-depth & diverse topics in untargeted metabolomics such as mass spectrometry applications, mass spectrometry imaging, statistics with both MetaboAnalyst and R, GNPS, MS-DIAL, and so many others. Craft your learning experience by selecting individual Bites à la carte or curate a comprehensive journey by mixing and matching courses for a fully immersive and well-rounded learning adventure.

Participants will gain a deeper insight into current software, methods, and pitfalls. Each session starts promptly at 9 a.m. (Pacific Time) and will take approx. 4 hours. The courses will be conducted in a highly interactive manner, with the use of freely available software and databases. The tuition is $175 per Bite, except for #10. The tuition for #10 is $350 as it will take approx. 8 hours

Bits & Bites # 01: Mastering Lipidomics: From Biology to Advanced Techniques
Date: January 25, 2024
Instructor: Dr. Tong Shen, UC Davis

Bits & Bites # 02: Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics
Date: February 8, 2024
Instructor: Dr. Uri Keshet, UC Davis

Bits & Bites # 03: Mass Spectrometry Imaging 101: Sample Preparation
Date: April 11, 2024
Instructor: Prof. Elizabeth Neumann, UC Davis

Bits & Bites # 04: Quantification in Metabolomics: Tools for Robustness *New Course*
Date: May 9, 2023
Instructor: Dr. Huaxu Yu, UC Davis

Bits & Bites # 05: Using MS-DIAL to generate accurate comprehensive LC-MS/MS metabolomics datasets
Date: March 23, 2024
Instructor: Dr. Jake Folz, ETH Zurich

Bits & Bites # 06: Using the GNPS for Metabolomics Data Analysis and Visualizations
Date: September 12, 2024
Instructor: Prof. Mingxun Wang, UC Riverside

Bits & Bites # 07: Using MetaboAnalyst for Metabolomics Statistics and Data Visualizations
Date: October 3, 2024
Instructor:  Prof. Jeff Xia, McGill University

Bits & Bites # 08: Statistics in R for Metabolomics *New Course*
Date: October 24, 2024
Instructor:  Dr. Christopher Brydges, SomaLogic

Bits & Bites #09: Biochemical interpretation and visualization of metabolomics data *New Course*
Date: November 7, 2024
Instructor: Prof. Oliver Fiehn, UC Davis

Bits & Bites #10: Identification of unknown compounds in untargeted metabolomics using freely available software
Date: December 5, 2024 *8 hrs.
Instructor: Dr. Arpana Vaniya, UC Davis