Director: Oliver Fiehn, Ph.D., Professor (Genome Center, College of Biological Sciences at UC Davis)

Laboratory manager: Luis Valdiviez (interim)

Project manager: Kelly Paglia
staff research associate: Patrick Fitzgerald (service core)
staff research associate: Carol Stroble (service core)
staff research associate: Bryan Roberts (service core)
staff research associate: Jessica Kwok (service core)
staff research associate: Jeremiah Wells (service core)
staff research associate: Zakery Tippins (service core)
staff research associate: Michael Gonzalez (service core)
staff research associate: Bennett Haffner (service core)
lab technician: Emilio Mejia (service core)
lab technician: Iris Beussen (service core)
lab technician: Emma Ku (service core)

project manager: Kelly Paglia
study design, statistics: Christopher Brydges, PhD
outreach core, courses: Jeannette Martins
Nutritional and oxylipin pilot studies, statistical analysis: Kamil Borkowski, PhD (Newman laboratory)
Eicosanoid pathway pilot studies: Jun Yang, PhD (Hammock laboratory)

Cheminformatics and compound ID team leader: Tobias Kind, PhD (Project Scientist)
computational compound ID: Shunyang Wang, PhD student
computational compound ID: Jesi Lee, PhD student
computational compound ID: Parker Bremer, PhD student

Novel technologies team leader: Shen Tong, PhD
method develoment: Uri Keschet, postdoctoral scholar
method develoment: Yuangyue Li, postdoctoral scholar
method develoment: JongCheol Lee, postdoctoral scholar
method develoment: Lauren Bishop, PhD student

Software development team leader: Gert Wohlgemuth
programmer: Diego Pedrosa
programmer: Daniel Rundle

Chemical Biology team leader: Oliver Fiehn, PhD, Professor
Type II diabetes in Native American: Ying Zhang, PhD student
Damage repair and food analysis: Jake Folz, PhD student
UDP glucosyltransferases in plants: Elys Paola Rodriguez, PhD student
Longevity: Nathanial Chase Stevens, PhD student
Longevity:Zachary Rabow, PhD student
Longevity: Sara Greenfield, PhD student
Longevity: Sili Fan, PhD student

NMR staff:
manager: Bennett Addison, PhD, (530)752-7677
MRI: Jeff Walton, PhD, (530)752-7794
solids NMR: Pin Yu, (530)752-4396