Faculty Director: Oliver Fiehn, Ph.D., Professor (Genome Center, College of Biological Sciences at UC Davis)

Technical Director:  We are hiring!
Apply for the position as Technical Director of the West Coast Metabolomics Center.
See here details of the position descripition, and apply here if interested! Full consideration until May 20, 2022.

Laboratory manager: Luis Valdiviez

Project manager: Scott Mackell    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

study design, statistics: Dr. Christopher Brydges
staff research associate: Dr. Uri Keshet
staff research associate: Dr. Carol Stroble
staff research associate: Bryan Roberts
staff research associate: Jessica Kwok
staff research associate: Jeremiah Wells
staff research associate: Zakery Tippins
staff research associate: Michael Gonzalez
staff research associate: Bennett Haffner
staff research associate: Emilio Mejia
staff research associate: Iris Beussen
lab technician: Kamyar Choubak

WCMC outreach core
organizing manager: Jeannette Martins
academic manager: Dr. Arpana Vaniya

Cheminformatics and compound ID team leader: Dr. Tobias Kind
computational compound ID: Shunyang Wang, PhD student
computational compound ID: Jesi Lee, PhD student
computational compound ID: Parker Bremer, PhD student
computational compound ID: Fanzhou Kong, PhD student
context analysis: Delilah Miller, PhD student

Novel technologies team leader: Dr Shen Tong
method develoment: Dr Yuangyue Li, postdoctoral scholar
method develoment: Lauren Bishop, PhD student

Software development team leader: Gert Wohlgemuth
programmer: Diego Pedrosa
programmer: Daniel Rundle
programmer: Nolan Gonzales

Chemical Biology team leader: Dr. Oliver Fiehn, Professor
Damage repair and food analysis: Dr Jake Folz
UDP glucosyltransferases in plants: Elys Paola Rodriguez, PhD student
Longevity: Nathanial Chase Stevens, PhD student
Longevity:Zachary Rabow, PhD student
Longevity: Sara Greenfield, PhD student
Longevity: Sili Fan, PhD student