The West Coast Metabolomics Center will be overseen by a Steering Committee that meets monthly to review scientific interactions and core utilization, steer projects and service areas toward integrating and advancing technology platforms, integrate metabolomics with genomic information and oversee the outreach activities to the clinical and biomedical community.

The Steering Committee is comprised of:

Director Dr. Oliver Fiehn, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Program Coordinator Dr. Dinesh Barupal, Data Analytics

Outreach core leader Dr. Lars Berglund, Dean and Professor, School of Medicine

Outreach core leader Dr. Alice Tarantal, Professor, School of Medicine

Genomics Integration core leader Dr. Fred Chedin, Associate Professor, Molecular&Cellular Biology

Central Service core leader Dr. John Newman, Adjunct Professor, Nutrition

Chair, Internal Advisory Board Dr. J. Bruce German, Professor, Nutrition

The Internal Advisory Board will advise the steering committee on overall strategies and implementation of services.