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Pilot and Feasibility Projects

This is the pilot grant page. Anyone can apply for a pilot grant at the metabolomic center if they want to study metabolomics.

West Coast Metabolomics Center - Pilot and Feasibility Projects

One of the most important goals of the West Coast Metabolomics Center is to rapidly advance metabolomics research by providing funds to support novel projects and challenging ideas proposed by scientists throughout the United States, in particular along the West Coast.

The 2017 call for pilot & feasibility proposals is open with a submission deadline March 16, 2017

The NIH executive committee decision is expected by June 2017. See below funded projects 2013-2016.

Please, start working with the WCMC on your metabolic aims and service budgets for your 2017 submission.

The following criteria and details are important to note for P&F application submissions.
Download the submission template here.

  • Submissions for maximum of $50,000 in metabolomic services.
  • One year maximum funding period
  • No salary support for investigator or investigator staff is permitted
  • No consumables or other financial support for the investigator's lab is permitted.
  • The budget is for WCMC metabolomic services.
  • Consult with WCMC advanced laboratories about budget estimates.
  • Budget for WCMC advanced service laboratory staff will go in increments of 1-person months plus consumables needed to perform the project.


Other Criteria

Investigator must be eligible for as PI for NIH grants

  • Early stage investigators and investigators who are new to the field of metabolomics are especially encouraged to apply
  • Investigator can be located anywhere in the United States. NIH application guidelines will be followed.
  • At least half of all projects will be funded for investigators located outside of UC Davis
  • Length of proposal 5-pages (Background, Hypothesis, Plan, Justification of Resources)
  • Application should include plans for new extramural grant submissions
  • Submission due date around March 15, 2017
  • Earliest project start date June 01, 2017
  • Reviews will follow the NIH format criteria (Significance, Investigators, Innovation, Approach, Environment), using the NIH scoring system
  • Final decisions will be made by an external NIH / executive committee

All award recipients will participate at our annual CTSC retreat with presentations as well as in in workshops and mentoring of trainees.
For all presentations and publications, P&F funding by the NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center must be cited.
Center staff will monitor project deliverables.

      Additional considerations:

      The West Coast Metabolomics Center specifically encourages applications that foster collaborations, for example by applications that

    1. span scientific domains and metabolic platforms - for example by collaborating with more than one WCMC advanced services laboratory
      or by analyzing data from multiple -omics levels such as SNP genotyping, RNAseq, proteomics and metabolomics.
    2. fulfill needs that benefit multiple investigators
    3. detail the collaborative aspect with the Center, e.g. partner with one or more of the Advanced Service laboratories
    4. include a mentoring and trainee plan
    5. participate in Center events such as the annual retreat, seminars and courses. For such events, modest travel funds can be requested.

    For additional P/F funding opportunities, visit the other RCMRCs:
    Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core (MRC2)
    NIH Eastern Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core at RTI International
    Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics (SECIM)
    Metabolomics Core at Mayo Clinic
    Resource Center for Stable Isotope-Resolved Metabolomics (RC-SIRM)

      FAQ on writing the budget part of the application:

      How does the funding actually work? Would it come through the applicant's institution?

      No funds will be transferred out of UC Davis.
      No contract between UC Davis and any other institution will be made.
      No approval by another institution's official or Sponsored Programs office or Office of Research is necessary.
      No salary or consumables for an investigator's lab are eligible.
      No overheads / indirects / F&A costs at another institution are eligible.
      All costs need to be budgeted for metabolomic or informatic services (Advanced Labs, core labs).

      Budgets should therefore be reviewed by UC Davis investigators.


      Please, think about writing the budget section more like a 'voucher system'. There will be no actual money transfer out of UC Davis. Again, no salary support for investigator staff is permitted (including tuition fees or other salary parts). Rather, if successful, services rendered by the WCMC will be allocated to the different WCMC labs internally, i.e. paying for staff and consumables here in Davis to fulfill our part of the metabolomics collaboration. Please contact your partner labs (i.e. the Advanced Service labs Hammock, Newman, Fiehn, Gaikwad, or the Genomics Integration lab Chedin and/or the fee-for-service labs Metabolomics, NMR, Imaging or Bioinformatics) for estimates how long they would need to work on the aims you will propose, and if there would be additional consumables needed. As stated above, the time intervals would go in 1-person-month increments, roughly worth $5,000 each. If service portions from other UC Davis cores are needed, e.g. the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center, or the genomics or proteomics service cores at the UC Davis Genome Center, requested funds must be small compared to the overall metabolomic service budget request.

      In addition, you can ask for reasonable costs for travel to UC Davis to participate in the CTSC pilot symposia event on the order of $1,000. Such costs would be reimbursed based on economy trips directly by the WCMC.

          UC Davis Genome Center Pilot and Feasibility Projects

          The Genome Center is soliciting applications for up to five small metabolomic pilot grants per year for up to $2,000 per project. Such grants are available for Principal Investigators located at UC Davis, but outside regional scientists are not eligible. In a similar manner like the West Coast Metabolomics Center pilot projects, the intent of such startup grants is to obtain data for NIH grant submissions. Project submissions can be sent any time to; reviews will be scored by NIH criteria (significance, investigator, innovation, approach, environment). Leveraging with other funding mechanisms, including other Genome Center core pilot grants, is most welcome.

          The 2017 call for UC Davis pilot & feasibility proposals on "stable isotope tracer studies" is open now !

          UC Davis campus has supplemented the pilot and feasibility program with another opportunity that is exclusively focused on UC Davis investigators. This call is open to establish a UC Davis community for stable isotope tracer research in biology, chemistry, biomedical / clinical research, engineering or related sciences. Please see here the call, and download here the template for proposal submission.
          Deadline for submission is March 16, 2017 with a project start by April 1st, 2017.

          Funded Projects 2016

          After a thorough three-tiered review and decision process, we congratulate the following applicants to receive funding for their pilot grant application with the West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis.

          Scott Damrauer, U Pennsylvania
          Supervised Exercise Training for Peripheral Artery Disease

          Jang Youn, U Southern California
          Dietary Potassium + Gut Microbiota in Postprandial Oxidative Stress

          Sean Wilson, Loma Linda U
          Maternal Hypoxemia and Oxidative Stress

          Stephan Lange, UC San Diego
          Inflammatory Resolution in Cardiometabolic Health and Disease

          Kip Connor, Harvard U
          Attenuation of Choroidal Neovascularization

          Jan Nolta, UC Davis
          Metabolic Modulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

          Joanna Chiu, UC Davis
          Cross-talk between Animal Circadian Clock and Metabolism

          Angela Zivkovic, UC Davis
          The Interplay of Diet and the Gut Microbiome In TMAO Production

          Funded Projects 2015

          After a thorough three-tiered review and decision process, we congratulate the following applicants to receive funding for their pilot grant application with the West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis.

          Suzan Carmichael, Stanford University
          "Etiologies of Preterm Delivery Among Obese Women".

          John Sundberg, Jackson Laboratory
          "Lipids and Cicatricial Alopecias in Mice and Humans"

          Mark Sarzynski, LSU Pennington
          "Changes in the Metabolome and Lipidome in Response to Exercise Training"

          Kit Lam, UC Davis
          "Effect of the Tumor Microenvironment and Cancer Therapies on Exosomal Bioactive Lipid Profiles"

          Vimal Selvaraj, Cornell University
          "Lipid profiles in Alzheimer's disease".

          Aimee Edinger, UC Irvine
          "Effect of Anti-Neoplastic Sphingolipids on the Metabolome of Normal and Cancer Cells"

          Katrine Whiteson, UC Irvine
          "Integrative ‘Omics to Study Human-Associated Microbial Communities"

          Amir Zeki, UC Davis
          "Statin Immuno-Metabolomics in Asthma"

          Funded Projects 2014

          After a thorough three-tiered review and decision process, we congratulate the following applicants to receive funding for their pilot grant application with the West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis.

          Erwin Berthier with Nancy Keller, University of Wisconsin
          "Aspergillus fumigatus Oxylipins Disrupt Host Immune Eicosanoid Signaling"

          Nick Kenyon, UC Davis
          "Profiling of Downstream Metabolites of L-Arginine in Severe Asthmatics"

          Frances Sladek, UC Riverside
          "Integrated Analysis of the Factors Driving Soybean Oil-induced Metabolic Syndrome in Mice"

          Stephen Wedgwood, UC Davis
          "Metabolomics of Neonatal Pulmonary Hypertension"

          Olivia Osborn, UC San Diego
          "Metabolite Changes Associated with Obesity and Weight Loss"

          Funded Projects 2013

          After a thorough three-tiered review and decision process, we congratulate the following applicants to receive funding for their pilot grant application with the West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis.

          Graeme Bell, University of Chicago
          "Combined Metabolomics and Lipidomics of Type 1 Diabetes"

          Michele La Merrill, UC Davis
          "Dysfunctional Lipid Metabolism Underlies the Effect of Perinatal DDT Exposure on the Development of Metabolic Syndrome "

          Ernst Lengyel, University of Chicago
          "A Study of Changes in Lipid Metabolism of Ovarian Cancer Cells Co-Cultured with Adipocytes"

          Peter Kaiser, UC Irvine
          "Metabolite Changes Associated with Methionine Stress Sensitivity of Cancer"

          Roel Ophoff, UC Los Angeles
          "Biomarkers for Depression in CSF and Plasma in a Population Sample"

          Pei-an Shih, UC San Diego
          "Quantitative Profiling of Eicosanoids to Explore Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Anorexia Nervosa"

          Patricia Thompson, Jessica Anne Miller University of Arizona
          "Application of Oxylipin Metabolomics to a Celecoxib Intervention in Men at Risk for Colorectal Neoplasia Recurrence"

          Johanna Lampe, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center at Univ. of Washington, Seattle
          "Metabolic Profiling of Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue from Colorectal Cancer Patients: Unraveling the Link Between Adipose Tissue and Cancer"

          Rudy Ortiz, UC Merced
          "Metabolomic and Lipidomic Profiles in Response to Exogenous Insulin and GLP-1 Infusions during Prolonged Fasting"

          Patricia Oteiza, UC Davis
          "Disruption of Zinc Homeostasis can Impair Maternal Glucocorticoid Metabolism: Consequences on the Developing Fetus"

          Vivian Hook, UC San Diego
          "Metabolomics Analyses of Neurotransmitter Profiles Regulated in Schizophrenia Modeled in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells"

          Jayoung Kim, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
          "Urinary Metabolites in IC/PBS Diagnosis"


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