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“Advancements in Metabolomics Software and Technology”

Agilent and WCMC Workshop May 4TH, 2016 - UC Davis Genome Center - Auditorium 1005

08:45 WCMC

Software is the Critical Piece in Advanced Mass Spectrometry
Prof. Oliver Fiehn


09:00  Agilent

Development in Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry in Support of highly Accurate Collision Cross Section Measurements. 
Dr. John Fjeldsted - Senior Director – Ion Mobility and Intellectual Property


09:30  WCMC / RIKEN

Untargeted Data Processing in MS-DIAL and MS-FINDER Software.
Dr. Hiroshi Tsugawa


10:00  Agilent

Advancements in Qualitative Workflows

  • Profinder - Multithreaded Feature Finding
  • Unknown Identification – Molecular Structural Correlation Software
  • Qualitative Flux Analysis using QTOF Technology.
    Steve Madden – Software Product Manager


10:30  WCMC

MID Software for Mass Isotope Distribution for Flux Analysis.
MS-FLO Software for Feature List Optimization
Brian DeFelice, Sajjan Mehta



coffee break

11:10  Agilent


New Profinder Software for GCMS Electron Impact Feature Finding

Steve Madden – Software Product Manager

11:25  Agilent


Simplifying the Routine LC/MS Analysis of Central Carbon Metabolites and Other Metabolic Advancements

Christine Miller – Omics Market Manager

11:55  Agilent


Advancements in Cellular Energy Metabolism:  Seahorse – Measuring Cellular Energy Metabolism in Live Cells - Synergies with Metabolomics and Flux Analyses
David Ferrick - Senior Director Marketing Seahorse



Buffett lunch

01:00  UC Davis

01:30  WCMC

2:00    WCMC


Glycan and Glycopeptide Libraries for Rapid  Throughput Profiling of Oligosaccharides and Glycopeptides
Prof. Carlito Lebrilla


The MassBank of North America Resource
with Spectral Hash Keys and Chemical Translation Service.
Gert Wohlgemuth, Sajjan Mehta and Diego Pedrosa

iTree for Polyphenols and Natural Products Research
Arpana Vaniya and Sajjan Mehta

2:15    Conclusions


Past 11th international conference of the Metabolomics Society, 2015

The West Coast Metabolomics Center organized the 11th international conference of the Metabolomics Society, June 2015.

Over 1,000 participants discussed improvements in technologies and applications in biochemistry in medicine, plant and microbiology in 21 oral sessions, 3 poster sessions, 5 keynotes and 12 workshops !

See here for this past conference program, including the complete abstract book. Videos are available for members of the Metabolomics Society.


Past workshops

The West Coast Metabolomics Center proudly presented these two workshops in May 2013 on

Cancer Metabolism, 23 May 2013 from 10 am - 4 pm and  Hands-on workshop and metabolic pathways symposium, 28-29 May 2013

and we also presented a workshop on  "Using mouse models to understand obesity and diabetes", November 06, 2013, which was co-organized by the UC Davis Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) and our NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center.

cancer metabolism 05-2013

nsf flyer 2013

The UC Davis hands-on metabolomics workshop and symposium, May 28-29, 2013    PDF

is open to everybody in the scientific community. The symposium will host eight speakers including Oliver Fiehn (UC Davis), James Liao (UCLA), John Morgan (Purdue University), Yasuo Yoshikuni (Bio Architecture Lab), Shota Atsumi (UC Davis), Roger Ruan (University of Minnesota), Jason Papin (University of Virginia) and Jean VanderGheynst (UC Davis).
The additional workshop is designed for graduate students and postdocs and is part of a joint a joint NSF-JST sponsored program "Metabolomics for a Low Carbon Society".

Admission is free. Please register posters for the symposium with Ms Jeannette Martins ( ). The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Early registration with is advised.


Workshop Content

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