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Central Service Core


The hub for all research projects and studies conducted in the West Coast Metabolomics Center is Central Service Core. Here we handle all service requests, receive and log samples, distribute samples to the Advanced Service Laboratories, acquire data for targeted and untargeted metabolomics, process data, provide statistical analyses and report results.

Order metabolomics services here.

The Core also offers comprehensive advice on study designs and sample handling and will develop quantitative target analyses as requested. The Central Service Core exclusively works as fee-for-service unit. For help with study design and cost estimates, please contact metabolomics@ucdavis.


Director: John Newman, PhD

Current Status

The laboratory has served over 350 different Principal Investigators over the past five years by fee-for-service analyses for hundreds of small and large projects, including many animal and human studies. Per year, over 25,000 samples are analyzed, processed and reported, yielding a wide range of biology-driven publications.


Sample Data matrix from the GC-TOF analysis for primary metabolism.

In "TargetedPLUS" assays, the Center targets over 1,200 identified metabolites with validated analytical methods and known mass spectra and retention times. In the same data acquisition runs, we use our profiling methods to find novel compounds that could be of interest for a biological study.

An example data sheet (for volatile compounds) is given above. We will be happy to consult with you if your metabolites of interest are already covered by our assays; otherwise, we will be happy to engage in project specific method development and implementation. Please contact us via

Lastly, we also provide services in univariate and multivariate statistical analysis of data sets, pathway analysis and mapping, partial correlation and network analysis. We collaborate in turning your metabolomic data into biologically significant discoveries!

Core Service Labs

The Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Service Core

Manager: Luis Valdiviez

Location: UC Davis, Genome Center rooms 1300, lab 1212

Director: Oliver Fiehn, PhD



The Bioinformatics Core


Manager: Matt Settles

Location: UC Davis,  Genome and Biological Sciences Facility, lab 4337

Director: Ian Korf, PhD



The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Service Facility



Director: Gary M. Smith, PhD

Location: UC Davis, Medical Sciences Building 1-D

Manager: Bennett Addison, PhD, (530)752-7677



For information on how to submit samples, click here!

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