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Help with Estimates and Designs

Help with cost estimates and study designs


Metabolomic services require good communication and planning between basic biologists, clinicians, metabolomic specialists, biochemists and statisticians. Our administrative core with Director Dr. Oliver Fiehn,  Program Coordinator Dr. Dinesh Barupal, statistician Sili Fan, project manager Kelly Paglia and outreach and course representative Jeannette Martins will be happy to consult you. We will advise which metabolomic platforms might give the best answers to your questions, how many biological replicate samples should be taken into a study, and how many parameters and time points should be used.
For data acquisition and data processing combined, hourly staff recharge rates and instrument charges combined cost roughly per platform $45 per sample for UC-researchers, $69 per sample for other non-profit academic researches and $83 per sample for industry researchers. However, individual projects may differ, so please ask for detailed estimates. In addition, statistics and biochemical interpretations may require more time. Please ask for these services specifically!


Systems Biology and Genomics data

We are also looking forward to consult with you, which other types of data might be important for your study, from physiological endpoints to genomic interactions. The Bejing Genome Institute has chosen UC Davis as a U.S. West Coast hub to acquire genomic data; if interested, please contact our Genomic Integration core.

The UC Davis Genome Center also offers services for systems-biology type data that will help interpret metabolomic data through its genomics core, transcriptomics core, proteomics core and bioinformatics core. All these services are available by approved recharge rates as fee-for-service units for internal and external academic researchers as well as for industry partners.

For mouse biology researchers, UC Davis has established the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center which partners with the West Coast Metabolomics Center. Please see the specific services offered for researchers using mouse models!

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