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Advanced Services


The Advanced Services laboratories offer metabolomic collaborations on a project-basis in specific areas of metabolism, namely glycomics, lipid mediators, eicosanoids, steroids, complex lipids and primary metabolism, in addition to image-guided metabolomics. These laboratories specifically offer advanced services for the Pilot and Feasibility projects. The laboratories will further advance the current state of the art in their respective fields of metabolomic analysis and will transfer their most robust methods and procedures to the Central Service Core laboratories to advance the overall depth and breadth of services rendered the West Coast Metabolomics Center.


For collaborators outside of funded Pilot and Feasibility studies, the Advanced Service core will be available for services on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for more information.

advanced metabolomics core 2016


Director: Oliver Fiehn, PhD

The Advanced Service Labs


Lipid Mediators (Newman Lab)



Director: John Newman, PhD

Location: UC Davis, USDA ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center, room 210



Untargeted metabolomics
Primary Metabolism and Complex Lipids (Fiehn Lab)



Director: Oliver Fiehn, PhD

Location: UC Davis, 1313 Genome Center



Steroids (Gaikwad Lab)



Director: Nilesh Gaikwad, PhD

Location: UC Davis, 3209 Meyer Hall



Vitamin D and eicosanoids (Hammock Lab)



Director: Bruce Hammock, PhD

Location: UC Davis, Kleiber Hall

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